Second Job pay #2

I am a bit behind with my payments and updates to the blog this month. I was paid my second pay cheque from job #2.  I’m so far behind that tonight is actually Second job payday eve.   Oh well, that is life.  I’m true to the payments if not the time of payments.  🙂


Pay day #2 was a bit higher than I expected which is always a nice surprise.

Pay #2
Amount: $390.00

Entertainment – $30.00
RBC – $50.00
Line of Credit – $50.00
Car Lease – $205
Savings – $50.00
Total Paid out: $385.00

I am so happy with the amount of money in and the amount I’ve been able to allot to the bill payments.  I am dividing the payments between the 4 payments right now, although that is not my ultimate desire.

My ultimate desire is to get the monthly payments lower on the credit cards so they are a bit more manageable and then dump all the remaining money on the line of credit – true Dave Ramsey snowball debt reduction style.

I am slowly but surely making progress, now the only thing really holding up a committed plan is whether or not I’m going to be extended at the 2nd job. I was hired as a 3 month term, but I am hopeful my work ethic will promote an extension to permanent part time.  If that doesn’t happen I will be looking for another part time job, although I will be hard pressed to find one I like as much as this one.

~ ♥


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